Tropes I am not here for:

1. Steve fucking Sam because he can’t have Bucky.

2. Sam nobly declining Steve because Sam knows that the person Steve actually loves is Bucky.

Jfc. People writing this shit. You can love more than one person in your life. Especially if you are 95 fucking years old.

Agreed with the caveat that Steve doesn’t actually have 95 years of life experience, so if he WAS hung up on Bucky, functionally speaking he might not be over it yet.

But him being hung up on Bucky is by no means a given, on account of how TONS OF PPL HAVE REALLY CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS WITHOUT ROMANTIC UNDERTONES

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"When I’m fighting, it’s like the whole world goes away and I only know one thing: that I’m gonna win, and they’re gonna lose. I like that feeling." 

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And then someone asks steve when Bucky’s bday is and suddenly he’s getting a bunch of handmade cards

The grownups buy Hallmark ones, but a lot of the kids insist on making their own. Steve doesn’t go into Bucky’s room as a general rule, but one day he walks past and the door’s cracked, and there’s half a wall of cards, tacked up unevenly like Bucky didn’t even bother to think about interior design.

This is around the time Steve brings up maybe getting a dog. Someone for Bucky to take care of, and feed and pet, and take on walks. Bucky lights up at that, because, “We could get a big puppy, the kind all legs and ears. Bet Suzy would love that, at her apartment, they can’t have pets.”

Do the parents know what’s up? Does Steve ever come with?

Steve comes with the first time, and explains that Bucky’s a military buddy who works weird hours, and since they know he’s Captain America, they figure it’s pretty legit. The parents are fine with it - they keep an eye on him, but he’s a good guy, he just seems kind of lonely. Not everyone in the neighborhood even knows them, but there are a couple parks nearby, and the same kids tend to play out in the streets. It’s not like it was when Steve and Bucky were growing up - there are fewer kids, and they’re more scared of grownups - but more and more kids get to know Bucky, who never seems to get tired of piggyback rides or swinging, and who’s always careful to make sure the bullies learn to do the right thing and the kids don’t fight too badly. And after awhile, the parents mostly figure that if Captain America’s friend was a creep, they’d know about it. The guy’s kind of weird, but he’s nice, you can trust him to walk your dog, he’ll help you with your groceries, and your kid’s way less likely to come home crying with a scraped knee. It’s almost like he’s transported a little of the 40s with him, because people trust him. (Bucky privately thinks that they trust him too much, they should be warier, they should be pushing him away. But then he thinks about Mr Rogers, and he thinks about all the kids who need a big brother or a friend, and he knows he doesn’t actually want the parents to do that.)

jamwingles said: So much fight breaking up! And sandwich making because he remembers what it was like to go hungry!!!

there’s a broken-down house at the end of the street with two little girls and a boy, and their parents aren’t home a lot. Bucky knows what it’s like to have parents who work their fingers to the bone and still don’t have enough, so when the parents ARE home, he’ll go over with some sandwiches. Nothing fancy, just peanut butter and jelly, or sometimes peanut butter and banana. But he gives them to the family, and he always makes an extra, because they’ll make him come in and eat one. It’s not HIS family, but he feels like he’s contributing something, which is nice. Especially since after they eat sandwiches, the kids will play outside with him. He can’t spar with Steve or Sam or Natasha, can’t wrestle or run around, because they’re too grown-up, and it makes him slide back into being the Soldier. But hoisting a kid up on the jungle gym, and pushing her on the swing, and giving him a piggyback ride? that, he can do.

I want him to do this and then wind up the accidental Big Brother of half the neighborhood

you and telza have basically the same idea and YES, he comes and goes a lot but he tends to spend afternoons walking around the neighborhood, monitoring it for threats, he tells himself, only sometimes he also breaks up a fight or retrieves a ball or whatever, and all the kids think he’s the coolest, and sometimes they end up knocking on his door when they scrape their knees or w/e. and the first few times they ask him for advice (of a kid variety, like “what do i do if my mom puts my hair in a ponytail with the kind of bow that makes the kids make fun of me?”) bucky wants to tell them he has no idea, how would he know, but instead he thinks of what mr rogers would say and gives them that advice, instead.

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someone stop me from writing fic where the winter soldier watches a lot of mr rogers